Thirsty for Success

For Thirsty Onlines first blog post, I wasn’t too sure on the direction I wanted to head in. Unsure on whether to set the tone right off the mark, which I know, would be the smarter idea (not my forte), or to do a little intro like this…

‘Thirsty For Success’ – Which if you can’t tell already, is me and all over…

I don’t want this to go on for too long cause it’s not the direction I want to take this blog in and I know, with posts like these I can go on about shit for hours and that’s not what you came here for.

For those of you who know me, (unlucky), or knew my old blog ‘Hannah Corkhill’ or from Instagram, will know I’ve given this blogging thing a fair few shots now and trust me, I get it, you’re probably sick to death of seeing it start up again and go no where, and try again, and it go no where. Like, has this girl not got any hobbies??

Probably about a year ago or maybe a little longer in fact, I completely gave up on blogging. Why I gave up? There were a few reasons tbh one was because every single post I hated being about myself and my whole Instagram being about ‘my blog’, I hated talking and writing about myself constantly (although right now I’d beg to differ). Getting content pictures taken of me constantly was also painful and I came to realise blogging as a loan blogger Is not only tedious and expensive it’s also fucking hard work.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a bitch who loves throwing herself into anything and getting stuck right in and am no stranger to hard work and I did really try with my own blogging thing but, it didn’t feel right and it felt strange “branding myself”, every Instagram post I honestly felt like a right tit. I wanted my Instagram page to be mine without all the hashtags and cheesy captions and having to comment cheesy shit on other people’s Instagram. So a year on, and I was still grasping for something that was out of reach but blogging and writing and creating kept creeping up on me, constantly on my mind, and I just feel helpless without a project to work on, as well as creating my own path and future in something I enjoy.

I was messing around one day and the idea of Thirsty Online came up and since starting it just feels right and something I really want to do, 5 post later and I’ll probably realise I’m still bipolar and sack it off again…ffs.

I want people to really enjoy this blog (while taking my constant sarcasm with a pinch of salt), I want you to live, learn, enjoy, laugh (even if it’s at me), and most of all find or discover something new, if Thirsty Online helps anyone with one of them then even that would be my path to success off to a bloody good start. Wow I just vommed reading that back.

Right that’s all the shit talking done onto the real grind.

I hope you Fking love this the way I do.

Sip Sip Thirsty girl.






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