Although thirsty is our name, thirsty skin is not our nature. There is nothing that makes us feel worse than being on a long flight with all the elements (aircon, altitude and pressure), and stepping off that plane with a face feeling as dry as Ghandi’s flip flop. Yes, you might be in paradise and that hot air hitting you as you step of that plane might be the best feeling you’ve had all year (and don’t forget to make it your best tweet too) but all that waiting around for luggage, boarder security etc. and that transfer to the hotel/apartment or wherever you’re staying is painful enough minus feeling like a dog because your skins dry, your hairs shit and you’re sweaty asf! We want to make that short trip to paradise just a little less painful for you, take a look at our ‘skin so fresh @ 30,000ft’ guide to all the best products to pack in your liquid bag to get you stepping off that plane looking like the queen you are.

All this shit with no place to go. A good place to keep all your good tings, this Cult Beauty travel make up bag is the perfect place to store all your skin necessities. Although you will have to put them into a separate bag at security you need something a little more secure for your Thirsty Travels.

Finally, We know all the products we posted are insane, but there is one final way to keep your skin fresh and hydrated, combine this with all the products and you’ll feel fresher than fresh! It is the best proven way to wash out them toxins and keep the skin plush and it is none other than H2o. Remember, 2 bottles in the air is 1 on the ground meaning you dehydrate so much faster when flying, you should consume depending on the length of your flight but the average experts say is 8oz for every hour you’re in the air (which is about 0.3 litres – manageable). We want you to stay Thirsty with us, but only Thirsty for more, so take a swig. Safe flying huns.


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