The official holiday countdowns have begun for many but, there is still the few of us that are dragging our feet still with the dream of booking our own summer vacay. One thing many struggle with especially, is where to book; we aren’t all ballers and as nice as it is having that ‘Big’ holiday every once in a while, for the most part you want something with plenty of sun, sand, cocktails but most of all, something affordable. Budget holidays does not necessarily mean run down and vile, yes in some aspect, you get what you pay for, but if you shop around (OR, get all the right info *cough*cough*) you can find that perfect one. Friends, Family or your partner, these are the ones for you to get booked this summer.


Not only is Morocco the spot where they filmed Sex and the city 2 (Major, we know), but it is also a stunning travel location filled with culture, characteristics and erm… camels. Here you can have the best of both worlds, be it lying on a beach catching the rays or, exploring the major cities such as Marrakesh or Agadir. With only a (roughly) 3hr 30 flight time from Manchester, you can be shopping round them souks in no time.


Snorkelling / scuba diving in The Red Sea is hands down, one of the best experiences, there is so much underneath and best yet, you don’t have to travel out far out on a boat to see all of it, just a mile swim out from the hotel beach contains so much marine life. But if you aren’t one for a bit of diving, Egypt has so much more to offer, one of the best places to go atm is Hurghada, with a pretty long flight time (don’t let this put you off) of between 6 & 7hrs, Egypt has literally something for everyone.


Don’t let all the Czech republic’s historical features fool you, this is one of the most popular city breaks for the younger generation and why, because of its nightlife! The hottest place to be in the Czech is Prague, the beer is cheaper than water out here so sip up and take in the sights. A major plus, a flight from Manchester is about 1hr 30 away!


A mix of old and new, Portugal is a stunning country that caters for all your needs, be it a relaxing beach holiday with a vodka in hand or sightseeing in all the top hiking spots. A hefty flight time of about 8 hours but, get that out of the way and you’ll be in heaven! If you’ve only got a small budget this is the place to be, the hotels are stunning and more than reasonable and the weather here doesn’t get much better (but as we know, anywheres better than the uk).


So popular atm, and we can see exactly why! If it isn’t for the people and their fascinating culture, it’s for the food and If not that, then well, the weather can win anyone over, right? The culture is incredible and we love that but, girls like us, want that little bit extra, and turkey has all the toppings. Mile long beaches and a bright blue sea packed with all the water sport you can get your hands on, bars for miles and cheap alcohol and finally, a pretty decent nightlife. With a 4hr30 flight time, there could be worse places to spend your summer.


A short trip across from Italy, Croatia is only about a 2hr30 flight time and god is it worth it. With hideout festival, just around the corner (1st July) and a whole load of festivals following, you need to get yourself here and it’s still not too late. One of the most popular European music festivals (if you like house music), hideout, is taking on artists like Hannah Wants and MK to headline this year, set on the beach (google it, LUSH is the only word) and with a string of boat parties and clubs joining in with the festivities, this year is going to go OFF.


Spain… is Spain, there are too many places we could ramble on for days about here, but wherever you go you’re bound to find something you enjoy, we are off to the bar Xo


Yes, Thailand, although the flight may seem a little costly (£505 return from Manchester) and the flight time is just short of a full day, it’s easier from there onwards, and a hell of a lot cheaper too. In fact, cheap doesn’t even cut it, how does £2 (80 baht) for a pint of beer sound? While being able to get by on the daily average of £25 (easily done) it makes the flight more than worth it along with the sights you get to see (Phi Phi island), island hopping, temple visiting, boat trips and not to mention, the notorious full moon party. Go exploring, book that flight for the trip of a lifetime.


Colourful fields of tulips or the red lights of the district, whichever end of the Netherlands you travel to, you can bet you’re going to see a sight or two. A favourite of ours is Amsterdam (so original) and obviously that is a must but, there is so much more to the Netherlands than the typical (Although still fascinating) Amsterdam, like Rotterdam, Zaanse Schans (major windmills), Maastricht just to name a few. And the best bonus, cheap flights that are only 55 mins from Manchester!


Golden sandy beaches, a bright blue sea, and scorching hot sun there is not much more you could ask for. Cyprus has everything a place can offer, a 4hr 45 plane ride away from Manchester to its most popular destination, Paphos; It’s most popular, amongst many other excursions, is that of the Blue Lagoon we said bright blue sea, and boy do we mean it, with that, there are bars for every mood and occasion and that alone is enough for us.


The art, the cuisine, the fashion, Paris is one of the top on many peoples travel list. As the capital, Paris does dominate headlines but, this does not mean that any other of the French cities should be overlooked. Nice, Cannes, St Tropes, Bordeaux, Tolouse, the list is endless, each city has a different site but all the same good wine to sip on.


A place with more to offer than cheap drinks and touristic beaches, but we out here for them anyway. Bulgaria is one of Europe’s many hidden gems however, is becoming increasingly popular and we can see why. Around a 3-hour flight time away from Manc, you can enjoy skiing in the winter and a beach holiday in the summer, best of both worlds. With temperatures reaching 28 degrees in the summer, Bulgaria Is well worth the visit.


A small island in the Mediterranean between Sicily and the north African coast, Malta is a 2hr 45 flight time from Manchester. A hidden treasure that usually gets overlooked and we have no clue why. Now Malta is more sightseeing than relaxing but dw, there is still a few beaches to lay on and soak up the Mediterranean sun. There is so much culture and the people are the sweetest! Worth adding to that list.    


From one hidden treasure to another, with stunning scenery, cobbled streets and ample amounts of outdoor activity, Montenegro is one in a million, its often said but there is really no where like it. The best way to see this country is by boat, and a cruise is the better boat option. The cuisine is fresh and there’s even a Nobu, which will be needed after all the sight-seeing.


A place where the sun is shining all year round, no wonder people want to retire here. Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, 4 out of the 7 islands that make up the canaries and 4 of the most popular holiday destinations for us Brits. Yes, all of the Canary Islands have stunning scenery but if you’re anything like us when here then it won’t be the scenery you’ll be seeing much of. There isn’t much else to say really, other than when visiting one of these 4, you’re there for a good time not a long time, not until you retire anyway.

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