A Thirsty Minute Q&A with Lytham Lash Company’s Anni Holt

by Hannah Corkhill

Lashes are in, and there is no time like the present so I’ve come to Capri In Lytham to have a few drinks and a chat with Thirsty Girl supporter and more importantly, Owner of Lytham Lash Company Anni Holt.

Anni in her new Lash room, see how she got here below

So Anni, first things first, thank you for chatting with me for Thirsty Online and for all the support you’ve given us so far!

Obviously, I have been coming to you for lashes for about a year and a half now and in that short space of time have literally seen your company which was originally ‘Fablash’ evolve into what we now know as ‘Lytham Lash Company’. I wanted to give our readers an insight into the lash world, and more so into your world and being, in my opinion, and I’m sure one of many other clients the best lash specialist around the north west.

H: To start, for those who have no clue, because I didn’t until a year and a half ago, what are lash extensions, what do they do and what are the benefits?

A: Eyelash extensions attach to the natural lashes to enhance the length, curl, thickness and fullness of your own lashes! There are several different types, for example classics, which are applied with a 1 to 1 ratio, 1 eyelash extension to one natural lashes. This type offers a more natural look in comparison to say Russian lashes which consist of 2-6 thinner, lighter lashes fanned out and placed on the lash to create a much fuller look. Many confuse ‘party’ lashes with extensions however extensions are applied so professionally and carefully to avoid any damage to the natural lash, which I’m sure we’ll come to discuss later on!

H: When did you first start lashing, and what made you initially want to get into lash extensions?

A: I started lashing in August 2017, I remember being on holiday, about to go back to university and thinking I really needed some money to keep me going alongside my Law Degree without being tied down to set hours! So as I had just had my own lashes done I figured let’s give it a go! It wasn’t a huge fad around then so I planned on only doing my friends & family’s. I got home & signed up for a course (costing a little more than expected but I hoped it would pay off, and it did!). During my course I found it so difficult and fiddly I could not imagine myself doing lashes ever again after that day, it was so stressful but I was sticking it out until I’d made my money back and by that time I LOVED IT and it became such a passion of mine to do better and make every single set perfect! Even though it was taking me over 2 hours per classic set with breaks in between each eye (now taking me 45-60 minutes) I was getting better at it and I became so proud of the work I was creating so I carried on & I was getting busier and busier with clientele!  I then eventually trained in Russian lashes in 2018 when fuller extensions had become more of the go-to trend, which I believe to still be perfecting to this day, it doesn’t come quick or easy but once you see yourself progressing it just makes me want to do bigger and better! Even though I was completing my law degree at the time it’s safe to say this was way more my kind of thing and something I could see myself building into a business!

H: I know something we have talked loads about, and something you put on social media a lot, is the question “if lash extensions ruin your natural lashes”, true or false, do they actually ruin your natural lashes?

A: FALSE! Lash extensions DO NOT ruin your natural lashes! As you said, I stress this a lot on my social media to break down those rumours! I cannot stress enough that you must research your lash techs ladies n gents! The things to look out for is GOOD APPLICATION – this means identifying whether they are isolating each lash correctly and not using too much glue! As each of your natural lashes grow at different paces and are on different cycles, if one is stuck to the other or even stuck to 2 or 3 lashes, it will damage the lashes that are trying to grow but can’t because of awful application!

The second thing I try to stress is aftercare! If you’re tugging on, pulling, picking, playing with your extensions that are attached to your natural lashes, you’re going to end up pulling them out!

Lashes by Anni (owner of Lytham Lash Company) see more on her Instagram @@lythamlashcompany

H: Can you tell me your top 3 tips for lash extensions care/ aftercare?

A: So besides the above regarding pulling & playing with them (that being number 1!) I make sure my clients know not to get their lashes wet within the first 24 hours of application! This is because the glue needs time to bond to the natural lash, although it dries instantly, if they meet any moisture within those first 24 hours the glue can become tacky again and will have a negative effect upon the retention of your lashes !

The next is to make sure they’re clean! So although you cannot wet your lashes for the initial 24 hours, it’s vital you wash them after this! You can use lash cleansers (which are coming soon to Lytham Lash Company so keep your eyes out!) or anything none oily will suffice! This also includes making sure you do not wear mascara on your extensions, not only does this clump together the work I’ve just spent hours on & the treatment you’ve just paid good money for but the oils in the mascara may dissolve the glue, along with causing infections if not cleaned out properly!

And just to double up if you didn’t get it throughout, no oils ! 

H: I know first-hand how difficult it is looking for the perfect lash specialist (and thank god, I found you when I did) but, for those who are still in the struggle and don’t live close enough to come to you, what things should they look out for when looking for a good lash specialist?

A: So as I mentioned above, make sure to check for good application! I know some sets of extensions can look so good from just looking at them straight on but when you look down at the root, all their lashes might be glued together so you can’t see any separation of the natural lashes which terrifies me! Another note would be to look for, in their pictures, if the lash extension is touching the skin of the eyelid… this is a NO GO, if you see this … run! The extensions should never touch your skin! I also urge that if you have any questions ask them as much as you want & if they can answer every single one of your concerns and enquiries, they’re the one! Make sure you feel comfortable with your lash tech, you never know… you might become friends with them & end up at their 21st birthday party (hint, hint)!

H: Having your own space now In Lytham vs to the small room in your house is surely only the first step of many to evolving your business what are your plans for the future?

A: So yeah I recently moved into a new space in the centre of my little town and compared to my spare room, I’m loving it! It feels more like a business now that I’m out of the house and I actually enjoy going to work…if I can call it that? 

My plans for the future are to basically just grow and grow! I’ve got plans to become a trainer for those who are interested in joining the lash industry which is hopefully coming later this year! As well as a few of my own products coming out! The goal is to have my own little lash bar in Lytham with maybe 5 or 6 employees and my training school located there too with hope to become even bigger in the future, potentially with a few more lash bars dotted around in different locations and provide products for other lash techs to enjoy and love! 

A Before and After of a lash set done by Anni

H: Do you remember that time at the start of high school like year 7/8 so 2009, where it was a trend to put on layers and layers of mascara to get that thick matted look, along with the foundation that left that horrendous ‘slag line’? For me and I know many others, that was honest to god THE worst beauty trend in history (and I’m ashamed to say I participated), what is the worst lash/beauty trend you have seen and/or participated in?

A: I suppose it’s personal preference but for me it’d be big scouse brows! Thick black brows that take up half your forehead…who wants it? For someone who has just trained in brow shape & design, I know that’ll be something I’ll be steering well away from! 

H: If you were to lash anyone famous living or dead, who would it be?

A: This is such a hard question…do I want to go for someone I’ve been dying to meet since I was about 8 in the Hannah Montana days and say Miley Cyrus or would I choose someone really fascinating who I could learn so much from in the hour or two that we have together OR would I just go for the obvious and say Kim K just for the promo?

I’d have to stick with my gut and say Miley…ashamed to say but I am kind of a super fan.

H: Oh, my god so, while cruising through the internet, we found false lashes which are magnetic and we are so confused! have you heard of them and of course they don’t work as well as individuals but are they better than stick on ones, surely not?

A: I have heard of magnetic lashes but I’ve never tried them myself! I’ve seen a few ads here and there but I’m pretty sure they’ll just blow off in the wind and can’t look half as natural and professional as extensions! Given that I haven’t seen them in any stores, I assume they can’t be great! 

H: I think it is incredible how much you have grown, going from working a small room in your home to your own independent lash room is insane, and it is clear from your success you are v good in the business sector too, business wise, do you have a No.1 go to tip, like one thing you’ve noticed has worked or that keeps you organised?

A: Thank you girl, I appreciate that so much! I have to say the power of social media! It’s INSANE! I would not be where I am without Instagram! That’s how I started this up, I just posted pictures and people messaged to book in. It’s amazing how powerful the platform is and I’m sure it’s helped so many others build their business too. Setting up a business can be so expensive and getting clients can be so difficult but Instagram is just so easy to use and best of all it’s free!! I think I am definitely more business-minded than I expected which is why I feel as if I continue to grow I can see myself being a super successful entrepreneur & I wouldn’t have been able to get to where I am without you & all my clients’ help.

H: So, a final question and one we must ask because we are Thirsty Online, what is your go-to drink, cocktail, juice, anything?

A: Completely depends on location/occasion! Out for drinks? Pink gin & lemonade. Out for a meal? Glass of pino blush. Holiday? I love a glass of disaranno & coke. Everyday go to? Coffee for sure!! Can’t go a day without it.

H: Love it, Thanks so much for coming to drinks with me & chatting with Thirsty online and I and I’m sure the readers now can’t wait to watch The Lytham Lash company scale up even more!

If you’re wanting to book lashes then make sure you do it on her Instagram @lythamlashcompany and give her a follow too (website is pending) .

Fancy freelance writing for Thirsty Online? Give us a DM on @thirstyonline




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