5 of the Top places to eat out in Manchester

Ladies who lunch… that’s a goal, but for now we will take all we can get (usually a 2 for 1 offer at pizza express) but when pay day hits and you want to live your life to its fullest for one day and one day only, there are certain places a ‘lady’ must go. Manchester is one of the hottest places for brunching, lunching, dinners and of course the notorious bottomless bunches which never seem to end well. If, like us, you aren’t necessarily a lady who lunches (or a lady at all for that matter), all that often it can be quite difficult showing up and not knowing where to go, Manchester is so spaced out and without knowing the place really well or getting recommendations, you can become a little lost. So, we have come up with 5 of the top places to eat (And sip the good stuff) in Manchester this year.

The Ivy

Quite possibly the nicest interior decors we have ever seen, period! The Ivy is located in Spinningfields, amongst many other bars and restaurants, however the exterior makes it stand out by a mile. The epitome of elegance, The Ivy Spinningfield’s has 3 main dining rooms/ bars and 3 private dining rooms seating up to 20 guests, but because we aren’t that exclusive, we place ourselves in either The Ivy Brasserie room, The Ivy roof garden or Ivy Asia (a favourite of many). Going for dinner or a drink, make sure you take a good look at that décor (especially in the restrooms) …


Standing at the top of king’s street, Rosso is an upmarket restaurant with full of glitz and pizzazz. Here, you get what you pay for; if you’re going to order a bottle of Dom and Poached lobster, then don’t complain about the price, however it is very easy to go both ways with this place, budget (£12 for 3 courses on the Bambini menu) or no budget, you can still get great food but add on the drinks and keep them coming (as well as plenty of bruschetta).

20 Stories

Dinner with a view, literally. On the 19th floor of No1 Spinningfields is where you will find 20 Stories. With panoramic views of Manchester city and a cocktail list of your dreams. Sitting having dinner surrounded by the views of the city is also an option, a variety of menus with many class options to choose from all of which is more than affordable. Then after, sit and sip on the terrace.

San Carlo

A restaurant favoured by many celebrities (and don’t we know it from the gallery on the walls). San Carlo is “The Best Italian restaurant in the UK”, although we have many favourites, this is definitely close to the top of our list. With restaurants in London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds and a staggering 6 in the Manchester area, San Carlo is true stylish Italian dining. Wherever you go in the city you are bound to bump into one of these, and it would be rude not to go in for a bite. Our most recent favourite is the Ravioli Tartufo at £14.65, the prices don’t differ from this all that much but the plate is always filled (and quite quickly gone), winner.


A blend of exotic cuisines and a luxe décor, Australasia is located under the Armani store in Spinningfields it’s a short walk from The Ivy and 20 Stories for post dinner cocktails although, being open until 3am on a Friday and Saturday with guest DJs should be enough, but that’s not all this restaurant has to offer. The food here is like no other and if you like different, this is it. The food is spoken about by many to have the best dishes and we can only say the same.

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