Turning 21 By Hannah Corkhill

Although turning 21 for me personally is not a major change in the grand scheme of things, it’s an excuse to have a party and like every birthday, to set the goals for the upcoming year I’m probably never going to think about a month later. I wanted to give all of you Thirsty followers a little (I say little this is probably the longest most rambling post I have ever written), insight into what I can only describe as the most major party of my life, and an insight into turning 21 and the goals set for this ‘milestone bday’.

My Mum thought childbirth was bad, I think she is now re thinking the most painful experience of her life… throwing my 21st.

Di and I a couple of drinks in

6 months before …

The venue we thought we wanted the party held at was out, and was now being held at ‘Lady Di’s Manor’, far from a manor but you have to make a joke about it before anyone else does.

Now Di (AKA my mum), understandably didn’t want the party to be held inside her house (neither did I for that matter because I would be living with the repercussions for the rest of my life), so Di suggested a marque with flooring and I rolled with it.

Being the major events planner that I am, I had to do a mood board and showcase my vision to my mum who could make it happen, who TF do I think I am?!  Although the mood board wasn’t always referred to (girl tried giving me pink tartan napkins, no Hun), it was a relief to have something there to work off so as one of my few tips (see below), I would completely recommend doing it.

The Invites by mwah

Invites were sent out about 2 months before and 200 balloons to cover my mood board vision were ordered from Natalie at Balloonarama – (a save the date was sent out first), and from that moment on the nerves started. Because my birthday is in summer, I always get scared that people are away or busy with other things and it’s going to turn out (I think everyone has their worries like this) ,being me sat there on my own with a bottle of vodka, thank fk this didn’t happen.

When you think, you have everything you need there is always something else, a checklist is always good but when you’re constantly adding to it, what’s the point, but to be honest for the long run it was helpful (again on my tips, see below).

2 weeks still had no clue what to wear and after trying multiple things on I ordered a dress I loved from House of CB along with a dress for later that night from Miss Guided (yes, you read it right I’m eye rolling myself too), I was STILL questioning should I book in to get my hair and make-up done or do it myself, sis was not organised at all (thank god, I in the end booked in with @brooketurnbullmakeup & @thehairstudiopoulton).


1 week before and the most important feature, the bar, had been built! My dad built it out of wood pallets which sounds ridiculous but trust me it looked sick. The hostess with the mostess Di, put out the option of spirits and a larger pump, wine, mixers etc. and to stop wastage we charged £1.50 for all drinks, again I would so recommend doing this but if people wanted to bring their own then they did, we just stuck labels on them and it worked pretty well. Food was Mexican provided by @cincosmexican which as always, was insane.

The shopping was done except for a couple of mixers but the list was still growing, I finally finished work and so had Di so we had the days to really hammer things out and get shit done. I was so grateful for everyone who came and helped us out, family, family friends & friends, so many people came together. Never did I ever saying I wanted a party 10 months before did I think that it would be so much work and believe me, without everyone it would not have been even half as insane as what it was.

The ‘champagne’ (prosecco) tower I was so hung up on + the cake made by Di herself

The big day finally came 27/07/2019 that day I was dreading but so looking forward to, dreading because I knew there was so much shit that needed to be done (it didn’t help I was majorly hungover from the night before), but obviously so stoked for the party at night. Once again family and friends came and helped and I couldn’t help but feel so bad while I was off getting my hair and make-up done, they were being little angels and making things right. @beyondthedecorhire came and brought me the most insane decorations including a sick photo wall.

The ‘photo wall’

Besides the downpour, the day went on anyway and the first to arrive were my best friends, all I had to do is get my dress on and get my arse downstairs but of course that took me well over 3 hours and to be honest I didn’t want to be on time to my own party anyway (I hate me, how I have any friends I do not know). Mum and the rest of the team were still doing bits getting all the food together and everything sorted and bang on so there was no stress later. 7:30pm came and everyone started arriving, at about 8pm, I went downstairs and got the music onnn (ngl my playlist was fire & is attached below).

We ride

After all the drama and rushing around I needed a stiff drink, never mind the rest of the family, they needed a bottle.

Swear down, I have never been so amazed in my life from the moment I walked into the marquee and saw it all finished with the lighting and people in there, how we all managed to turn my vision into a reality was a Joke!

happy Fucking birthday

Once my mum had come down and everyone who helped arrived along with other friends and family we could finally get our grove on, and we did, till 4:30 in the morning. 75 people, 200 balloons and a whole lot of booze later, I can honestly say that the 27th July 2019 was the best night of my life and I’ve had my decent share of good nights but this topped them all. Won’t lie, the stress was real and my Mum & Dad said they are never throwing a party again but all I can say is I can’t wait for my 25th, this one we are going in with a scarface theme, prepping now.

girl band

My actual birthday was the 29th but was unbothered that day because I celebrated on the 27th. I had asked for one big gift but I seriously did not think I would get it let alone with other keep sakes like a Vogue From July 1998 (the year I was born), the fanciest Veuve Champagne glasses set with an ice bucket which I have been obsessed with forever! Amongst jewellery, gift cards, dollar and bottles to last me a life time and of course that on big special gift which I cried my eyes out for. Spoilt rotten was an understatement and even though the gifts were amazing I couldn’t have been still more thankful after the 27th for the people I have in my life.

21 and onwards I want to keep living my life to the fullest, travel more, work harder, achieve more and really do shit. Change is coming and I can’t fking wait.


start of the night – when people are coming in and chatting, just some background music but still bangers.
Then this was the crème de la crème, although I mixed in a couple Jams from the first playlist it went down pretty well

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