Thirsty’ Fave Fashion Jewellery – For A Thirsty Girl

From statement stacking rings to necklaces you’ll never want to take off, we have rounded up some of the dopest Fashion Jewellery sites out there that a just perfect for all our Thirsty Girls. If the weather is getting duller wearing these will make sure you’re not, so spice up your bod Thirsty Girl with our Fave Fashion Jewellery to buy online now.

With the slogan “The most important thing a girl wears is her confidence.” Prya jewellery attitude & culture, Inspiring confidence in women to own their beauty & style. There is nothing these can’t do, from Cuban chains, make it personal necklaces to timeless bracelets, they do it all. Shop Here:

Our favourite: Birth year necklace (on the crystal above).

What a vibe this brand gives, you will be looking and feeling like the baddest bitch wearing ICY-SZN’ pieces. Rock up wearing them rocks and you don’t even have to take out a mortgage to buy them, feel expensive in the least expensive way, that’s what we are all about. Shop here

Our favourite: Miami Bracelet

Black Saint jewellery just has “don’t fuck with me” all over it. Their jewellery just ooze’s class and style with a boss bitch twist, UGM? Layer it up and let it drip, catch peoples eye with all them details, these don’t disappoint. Shop here:

Our Favourite: Bang Bang AK gold pendant (above, bottom left)

A jewellery brand for the ‘woman who knows what she wants and dares to make every day extraordinary’. Statement jewellery is where it’s at, especially with us coming into Autumn and with that our clothes becoming more neutral, add a bit of pop there is no better way to do it than with OBJEKTS. Shop here:

Our Favourite: Lumen Stacking Ring (above, right)

’Immerse yourself in all things beautiful’, we literally haven’t seen anything more beautiful than 1. Those nails and 2. Of course those rings! Rainbow moonstone, sterling silver pieces and opal, a style for everyone and more importantly, a style for Thirsty Girls. What’s your pick? Shop here:

Our favourite: Lela gold ring

Pretty like Faye. These are classic pieces that can be worn however and with whatever. High quality and affordable is where it’s at and no place does that better than Faye. While wearing this Jewellery, you’ll not only be that bitch, but, that bitch that looks like she has it all together, and that’s what we are about. Shop here:

Our favourite: Seashell moon necklace

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