Finding your style in 2019 – is it that easy?

It’s unavoidable – influencers are everywhere. Whether it’s fashion and beauty or fitness and lifestyle, social media is filled with people looking to share their lives and influence us to live a little bit more like them. This tidal wave of fashion inspo poses the question, however; can you still have your own personal style?

It’s easy to start to lose track of what your own actual style is when you’re being influenced left right and centre. I often find myself looking at something in a shop that I’ve seen about 40 influencers wearing, and thinking “Do I actually like this? Do I hate it? Do I just think I like it because so many other people do or do I only hate it because I think it makes me different?”. It’s absolutely exhausting.


When you’re constantly being told what you should be wearing, it’s easy to let it wriggle into your brain and convince you that you probably do actually like it, even if you secretly hate it. It’s also easy to associate dressing like influencers with success. If an influencer is making a killing and living your dream life just based on how they dress, it’s natural to want to dress the same in the hopes it makes you just as rich and famous.


Getting this constant stream of fashion inspo and different ideas on how to style something makes us want to buy more; it’s just a fact of life, and fast fashion has definitely picked up on this. More and more brands will use celebs, influencers and models to advertise their clothes in the hopes that it’ll convince us all to buy them. And it works. We keep buying things that we’ve seen other people wearing and looking amazing in, so we buy it too. Except half the time, it’s not actually our style, or it doesn’t suit us, or doesn’t look quite right. Before you know it you’ve got a wardrobe overflowing with things that you don’t really like or look horrible on you, just because someone on Instagram implied you should probably definitely spend your money on it.


One of the easiest ways to get around this, however, is to try and follow influencers that already reflect your natural style. If you love nothing more than wearing skinny jeans and vintage band t-shirts, find some edgier bloggers who also dress like this. They’ll show you how to wear the things you already have in ways that you’d never thought of – this way, you’ll limit your spending and still feel like you, whilst still getting creative with your styling.


Following a handful of people who dress totally differently to you can help you be more creative and inspire you to try something you never thought you would. This is how all personal style is grown – take what you know, then get some inspiration from someone totally different. Combine the two to create something completely unique. Maybe you exclusively live in neutrals, but you want to be a bit more adventurous. Chances are a neon green catsuit is a bit of a leap, and you won’t feel comfortable, or quite like “you” in it. Instead, think how you can translate it into your own style. Maybe you stick to a black catsuit with some neon accessories, or you go for a full sequin jumpsuit in a neutral colour. That way they’ve inspired you to try something new without totally upending the way you dress – or bankrupting yourself on 15 new lime green pieces that you’ll probably never wear outside.


It’s definitely harder to block out all the noise and find your own personal style thanks to social media, but it can also be a brilliant way of getting inspiration to be more creative with your wardrobe – just stop buying something just because an influencer told you to.

by Faith Richardson

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