It doesn’t matter whether you’re a total gym beginner or you’ve been working out for years, the fact of the matter is, sometimes you either can’t be arsed to go to the gym, you don’t have the time, or you just hate being stuck inside surrounded by sweaty strangers. So we thought you girls needed a super quick and easy workout that you could squeeze in anywhere, any time – no equipment required.

First things first, get this fire playlist on. Nothing makes a workout easier to do than some boss-bitch music, so we’ve picked our favourite combo of boss tunes to help you sweat it out.

This circuit covers everything, and is quick enough to squeeze in anywhere – you just need to set the timer on your phone and away you go. It’s literally this simple:

  • Do each individual exercise for time – 1 minute each
  • Rest in between each pair of exercises for 15 seconds
  • Rest after the whole circuit for 2 minutes
  • Repeat 3x.

Just like this:

Squats (1 Min)

Jumping Lunges (1 Min)

(Rest 15 seconds)

Tricep Dips (1 Min)

Push Ups (1 Min)

(Rest 15 seconds)

Dead Bugs (1 Min)

Leg Raises (1 Min)

(Rest 15 seconds)

Burpees (1 Min)

Star Jumps (1 Min)

(Rest for 2 minutes)


    Squats – get your feet hip width apart and make sure you keep your chest up. Everyone thinks squats should make your glutes burn, but it should actually all come from your thighs. If you want to make this harder, you can try doing squat pulses, or jump squats to get your heart rate up at the same time, or you can turn your toes out and stand with your legs further apart to get your inner thighs burning.


    Jumping Lunges – Lunge down and spring up, swapping legs as you jump. Make sure you keep your head and chest up, and try to focus on using your front leg to push up with – that’s where all your power comes from. If you need to take it down a notch, take the jump out – just make sure you alternate legs each time.



    Tricep Dips – Sometimes called reverse push ups, these are actually super easy to do at home; all you need is coffee table or chair (preferably one that’s not going to send you flying as soon as you lean on it) with enough space in front of it for you to stretch your legs out.


    Push ups –These work so much more than just your arms – they help tighten your abs and bum, too. There’s a tonne of variations too, depending on how easy, or hard, you find them. Make sure you keep your bum down – try to think about lowering your hips and chest down together, rather than your head! If you can’t manage a full push up, try doing them from your knees, or use a table to do an incline push up.



    Dead bugs – Bear with me, because I know the name sounds crazy, but these are one of the best (and most underrate) ab exercises out there. They work all areas of your abs in one go, and can be changed up to make them easier or harder. Always try and remember to push your back into the floor when you do these – if you can get a hand underneath you, you’re not using the right muscles. You can do one leg at a time, both legs, opposite arms and legs together, or both legs and both arms together to help increase the difficulty.


    Leg raises – These are unreal for getting those lower ab areas that don’t get worked as much as your upper abs. As with everything, you can mix these up to make them harder – try lifting your legs up then adding a crunch or a reach up to your toes before you lower them back down. Just like the dead bugs, make sure you keep your back pushed down into the floor – an arched spine can be painful, not to mention it makes the whole exercise basically pointless – and girl, we can’t be wasting our time.



    Burpees – I know, I know, I’m sorry. We all hate burpees, it’s not just you. But they are the most effective way to blitz your cardio quickly and effectively. Try to zone out to the music and your minute will be up in absolutely no time.


    Star Jumps – Or Jumping Jacks, if you’re on the other side of the pond. Honestly these seem so basic, but there’s a reason everyone uses them. Apart from keeping your heart rate up and your blood pumping, they get your muscles burning too, especially your calves.


    by Faith Richardson

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